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Our philosophy


McMillan is a company focused on creating innovative fertilisers. Our products are naturally derived and the result of years of research in the sector.

Why we believe in natural fertilisers:

Natural fertilisers, release nutrients slowly and gradually, stimulate microorganic life and improve the entire soil structure overall. They make the soil more alive and rich, less susceptible to erosion. Chemical fertilisers, on the other hand, produce temporary immediate effects by focusing on a rapid growth of the plant, to the detriment of the health of the soil and the microorganisms that live there. Plants then become dependent on their application and can suffer from deficiencies, entering a vicious circle.

Our fertilisers are produced with the use of 100% renewable energy.


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The McMillan method

The McMillan method is based on the principle of improving the plant at 360° through the use of
innovative and natural products



Biochar is an organic fertiliser and soil amendment which improves soil structure, Soils treated with biochar are less susceptible to developing hydrophobic conditions, hence improves drought resistance of the plants.


Adding biochar to your soil improves soil structure through the creation of stable macroaggregates (>5 mm) (Yang et al, 2022). Macro aggregation support gas diffusion, hence the soil is better aerated and less prone to compaction.

Aerated soils allow better microbial activity. Microbes use organic matter as food source and, in the process, release plant available nutrients as by product, which can be readily absorbed by the plants


Chitin Worm Humus is a slow release organic fertiliser. Source of organic nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

Chitin residues, which are polysaccharides composing the exoskeleton of the larvae are present in the product. These residues are recognized as stress signals by plant cells triggering defense reactions. This enable the plant to become more resistant against pathogens containing chitin, such as fungi and insects.


In the sowing phase, Chitin Worm Humus stimulates the growth of healthy and strong shoots, capable to resist from pest damage since the early stage.




Wood Extract is a natural plant enhancer, which improves the plant defense mechanisms against fungal attack (such as Powdery mildew, Spilocaea oleaginea, Taphrina deformans) but also provides protection against pathogenic bacteria and parasites

It allows an increase in seed germination , with a reduction of pest damage in the sawing phase.


Thanks to the use of Wood Extract it is possible to cut the use of pesticides and insecticides, it allows to reduce the use of copper treatments.

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