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We produce innovative fertilizers

McMillan is a company focused on creating innovative fertilizers. Our products are naturally derived and the result of years of research in the sector.


Increased microbial flora of the soil, improved nutrient cycle and plant growth

Improved soil resistance to drought and climate change.

Improved soil health by increasing organic matter.

Improved soil fertility

 We believe in Natural Fertilizers

Greater productivity of your plants

Improved resistance of plants to biotic and abiotic stresses.

Bulbo fiore

Only the best nutrients 

Natural fertilizers improve the structure of the soil, allowing a longer water and nutrients retention, while increasing the activity of beneficial bacteria and fungi in the soil. They don't just help your plants, they act on your soil too. Synthetic fertilizers, on the other hand, aim at an immediate effect for the plant alone, depleting the soil of its nutrients, making it unproductive in the long run.

The McMillan method is based on the principle of 360 ° plant improvement

Improved soil structure

Supply of nutrients


Protection of the plant against pathogens


What our customers say:

" I bought the Biochar this spring, fortunately, where I spread the product the plants are

resisting drought! "

Matteo Fiesole  / Farmer

Campi agricoli

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